Google wants to democratize AI

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Wrote on the official Google blog towards the end of 2016 (please note, that i’ll just quoted few sentences the link to the whole article you can find in notes):

When I look at where computing is heading, I see how machine learning and artificial intelligence are unlocking capabilities that were unthinkable only a few years ago.

…in the next 10 years, we will shift to a world that is AI-first, a world where computing becomes universally available — be it at home, at work, in the car, or on the go — and interacting with all of these surfaces becomes much more natural and intuitive, and above all, more intelligent.

This is why we built the Google Assistant, which allows you to have a natural conversation between you and Google.

This episode is an experiment. First of all the whole episode will be in English. But that’s not all. Today will be two guests instead of one. They both are working at Google, but they do different things.

Ido & Sara
Ido & Sara

Ido Green

He is focusing on sharing experience how to start use Google Home (and related topics, like Google Assistant).

Sara Robinson

She shares her experience about using Google Cloud, she is focusing on big data and machine learning stuff.

Last, but not least. Finally i can share with you more details about DataWorkshop. More precisely about my next workshop “Practical Machine Learning for Programmers”. We start on Mon, 30 Oct. It will be 8 modules (one in a week). Let me invite you to free webinar where you’ll learn more why is worth to participate in, also you can ask me any questions and it will be once chance to get a great discount to the course (available only for “early birds” in a short term).

Free webinar
Free webinar                                http://www.dataworkshop.eu/free-webinar


Let me invite you to listening two interviews. Enjoy it…

Attentation. Transcription with Ido will be soon.

What do you think? I was so impressed about Ido’s experience and his type of thinking. I have no idea how to explain, but it was great to sit close to the person and feel how he wants to help you and cooperate with you. Do you remember a 12th episode when I have asked Lukasz, what the difference between Silicon Valley and other places. He mentioned about trusting to each other. I was feeling this during discussion.

I had much more questions to Ido, but we had very limited time. We had some chat after, and we have a plan to cooperate in near future. More details will be soon. Keep fingers crossed :).

And now interview with Sara.

Attentation. Transcription with Ido will be soon.

Alright… what do you think about this experiment? Is it worth to continue in English, at least time to time? The main benefit is that i can invite more people (not only who speaks in Polish), but also the podcast can be listening by others (not only Polish speakers).

Anyway, the experiment done, I’ll be waiting for your feedback to decide what next.

On 11-12 October I’m going to World Summit AI in Amsterdam.  It should be interesting event, where you can meet people from different countries who really lead AI in the world. For example, Yann LeCun (Facebook), Rob Hight (CTO IBM Watson), Ralf Herbrich (Director of ML in Amazon), Xian-Sheng Hua (Alibaba) and many many others.  Sounds like worth to visit. If you have a plan to be there, please let me know :).

World Summit AI, Amsterdam, Oct 11–12, 2017
World Summit AI, Amsterdam, Oct 11–12, 2017

That’s all for day. Thank you for your time, engagement and willingness to learn new things. I wish you all the best. Thank you!

Od 2013 roku zacząłem pracować z uczeniem maszynowym (od strony praktycznej). W 2015 założyłem inicjatywę DataWorkshop. Pomagać ludziom zaczać stosować uczenie maszynow w praktyce. W 2017 zacząłem nagrywać podcast BiznesMyśli. Jestem perfekcjonistą w sercu i pragmatykiem z nawyku. Lubię podróżować.

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